Summer Camp-Cambridge, United Kingdom

A magnificent overseas program of SMA Islam Al Azhar 1, following the Language learning in summer class on this year in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The event was held on 8 – 23 July 2023 and followed by 13 students and 1 Academic Supervisor.
The Summer Program doesn’t only emphasize the class lesson, but it also emphasizes the social activity which supports the students to communicate with the other overseas students from all around the country. It supports the students to shape their language, communication, and social skills. They all are eager involved in the diversity of cultural differences, and behavioural differences. This social activity enhanced the students’ self-esteem and self-confidence to use the English language.
The program also concerns to visit some interesting places in London and Cambridge, United Kingdom, for instance: Buckingham Palace, Zoology Museum, Fitzwilliam Museum, Botanic Gardens, Anthropology Museum. Not only Museum, but all students also visited the King’s College which is one of the most rated college in Cambridge, United Kingdom.
This is definitely a program that you have to follow on the next year Summer Camp. This is not about using the language in the classroom-setting, but using the language in real-world as a means of communication!
If you are interested with the International Program of SMA Islam Al Azhar 1, you may join on the next coming program on the YALE MUN and HARVARD MUN!

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